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Supporting Mental Health Professionals


Working within the systemic space when clinical and health psychology intersect has led me to work on a deeper level which respects the emotional blueprints and coping methods we have developed in order to manage life's challenges and pasts. This may include unmet needs and even unresolved trauma.  

This has in turn lead me to working clinically with mental health professionals who may have perhaps themselves received a medical diagnosis or had a major life change. As a result they have found themselves on the other side and in need of mental health support themselves. As mental health professionals, whether allied health or medical, we know what it is like to provide that considered thoughtful care to our patients or clients. However, for many reasons, we may not engage in that same care being provided to us, when we need it. We may even experience that conflicting feeling of being incredibly accomplished in one part of our life while struggling in another.

It is my special interest area to provide psychological therapy to my fellow mental health professionals. This is not coaching or clinical supervision. This is individual, tailored, clinical care as we would provide it to our clients or patients. In other words, care for the carer, therapy for the therapist. 


This may take the form of personal practice so that you can work on your own insights into the intricately and uniquely formed constellations of your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and histories that drive you and develop more adoptive pathways while respecting your unique values and identity. Depending on your needs, this could take the form of schema therapy allowing the time and care you need to go deeply. The aim would be to not only enrich your own well-being but to help enhance your own therapeutic skills and therefore help you to connect with and support your clients on a deeper level, as well as in your own life and relationships. As we well know, there is always more to know. 


This may also take the form of individualised therapy for you, a mental health professional, and a person who also experiences all the difficulties or challenges we all experience and at times needs the same care as do our clients or patients.

I work from the perspective that you feel safe with, taken care of and understood by someone who has more than 25 years of experience working deeply beyond symptom reduction. 

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