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Therapeutic Areas and Modalities

Therapy provided for includes:

Cancer Support


Adjustment difficulties e.g. medical reasons, major life change

Grief and Loss



Relational difficulties
Veteran Mental Health

Vlatka provides the following treatments in person or by telehealth:

Individual therapy for adults (18 years +)

Schema Therapy 


Meaning Centered Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural and Contextual Therapies (ACT etc)

Couple therapy


Gottman Couple Therapy (Level II and specialist areas training)
Schema Therapy



A little bit about Schema Therapy 

We are designed to attach and to seek connection, understanding and healthy growth. As children, and through to young adulthood, we have certain needs which when met, facilitate this healthy attachment, connection and growth. For whatever reasons, this is not always possible for all our needs. When that happens, we devise ways to deal or manage our situation as best as we can at that time. This in turn can become an entrenched pattern which may have served us well initially, but it may no longer serve us well and may have become problematic in dealing with new challenges such as relationship issues or major life events like a diagnosis of cancer. In some situations, these patterns can be adaptive while in others profoundly unhelpful and perpetuate anxiety, depression and relationship problems. They may seem stuck and unchangeable. This is why some people find themselves in therapy over and over or perhaps they find that they relapse after a few years back to the way things were when they first sought help from a psychologist. Schema therapy addresses our deepest core patterns for our own learning, healing and growth while helping us understand our environment and how we interact with it. Schema therapy helps us build on previous therapeutic work, heal old wounds, correct old patterns and build new healthy, adaptive ways of being.

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